OVERVIEW: BabyCheque is the first ever pregnancy finance app that tracks and improves your weekly spending by reminding you about important pregnancy and baby purchases.


Financial planning varies with different people and cultures but everyone thinks about finances at some level at this stage. Some worry and plan; for others they are just more cautious when it comes to spending. They make small sacrifices so that they can save for the future but most of the time they don’t exactly know what and when they need.


Pregnancy is both an exciting and worrying time for a first time parent-to-be. Finance is one of the things that couples care about but according to our research, couples focus more on taking care of the mother’s health or everyday happenings. Usually, finance matters are something they worry about but no action is taken.


According to the expected due date, the BabyCheque app provides a timeline of expected baby expenses. It provides a simple yet explanatory account of things to expect within the coming few weeks that helps parents-to-be forecast their expenses and save accordingly. Since each pregnancy is different, the app provides flexibility as to add, edit or delete these costs as per the parents requirements. One can also set reminders so that they can be gently nudged if some major expense is coming up soon.


Couples are very open and keen to receive information and advice about anything and everything during this phase; even matters like financial planning which at other times is mostly a private affair. Planning happens spontaneously and couples usually don’t sit down and plan their spending formally. They don’t want to enter each expense. They just want to know what they can afford at different stages of the pregnancy.