Presented a talk at IxD16 (Interaction16)
Featured in Service Design Touchpoint, Aug 2015


As a Senior UX Designer

During my time at Auckland, New Zealand, I facilitated design driven product innovation and embedded service design thinking to guide organisational direction, planning, performance and culture. Partnering with the PM's, business analysts, engineers and content strategists I led the UX for our mobile business products (both Android & iOS). Contributing to big picture strategic thinking helped me turn broad conceptual ideas into usable design flows and delightful experiences. While working in an Agile environment, I paid acute attention to design details while working with developer/engineering tools and platform specific requirements.

Focusing on effective learning, workforce development and skills analysis, I also led teams on inspiring collaborative work environments. As a catalyst for positive organisational change, I used design to develop and influence a range of significant strategic opportunities and operational initiatives for a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. The pragmatic use of research helped me design better solutions, through both qualitative and quantitative measurement at individual, team, project and organisation wide levels.

As a Senior UX Researcher

"People are at the root of design—they are complex, messy, and oh so interesting to learn about". Research spans the entire process of good design. From ethnographic research to participatory design to usability testing, I have dabbled at exploring stories and experiences for people and the products they use.

As a Senior UX Researcher, I have been responsible for growing our team, growing our discipline and growing our competency. I have helped stand up a ‘Research practice’ that did not exist before. Bring the voice of the user into everything we create, asking the right questions, lobbying for resources, setting up a regular research cadence, pulling data and analytics to inform design decisions, bringing softness to hard data and establishing baselines and key metrics to measure the impact of the design solution has been my focus. 

My efforts have been to help the teams we work with move from a feature stack to an end-to-end user experience based approach. This was made possible by feeding research and contextual scenarios to user stories, identifying points of friction and testing incremental improvements based on insights into our design sprints. (And sometimes that means not creating a coffee table deliverable but something we change at the grassroots level in self-organising groups by having a failure mode cadence in ongoing lean fashion to catch issues as we are working on them and have this engrained into our process).


Below is my talk at IxD16 (Interaction16 Conference) :

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Most of my other work at Fiserv is under NDA/confidential in nature, hence I am unable to share further details at this moment. Would be happy to share details about my involvement etc... but in person  :)

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